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Knowledge Base: Fear of The Lord

Proverbs 1:7 says:

The fear of The Lord is the foundation of true knowledge.

Is this really true? Do you believe that fearing The Lord is the base for true knowledge? Well regardless if you agree or not the Bible declares it and has many examples of how it can impact your life. Let’s unpack a few things here to provide clarity. The fear used in this scripture is dealing with “reverence” or “awe” of God in all of his power and glory. This fear is solely about a posture, attitude, life that is totally amazed by God.

Amazed by his power, love, and characteristics that can’t be denied or compared to anyone or anything else. Yes, this is the fear of The Lord we need and must maintain in our walk with him.

So how does this fear (reverence and awe) become the beginning of knowledge? It appears that you must first acknowledge the one that provides the knowledge and wisdom. Furthermore it’s imperative to understand that you can only obtain knowledge that is worth anything from God.

We must honor, respect, and obey his word. It’s simple but so hard to execute in life most of the time. The amazing revelation on the fear of God is that it will shape your life in holiness and divine pleasure to him. When you fear God truly you think twice about sin and things that you know separate¬† you from him.

To truly start with fearing God is the place where knowledge can grow deep down within you. Once this foundation is built upon there is no telling what else God can do.

Let’s start now! Think of areas in your life where you need more “fear and reverence” for God and work hard to make the necessary changes for that will be long -lasting and super impactful.

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